Brand Framework

Wuling Motor—Quality Drives Life

Born in 1985, the brand Wuling Motor has become one of the most valuable brands in China automobile industry as a symbol of our company's spirit "Perseverance with Self-strengthening". The trade mark characters and graphic logo of "Wuling" have won the titles of "Famous Chinese Brand" respectively.
With "Quality Drives Life" as its brand orientation, Wuling Motor has become a helpful assistant and a close friend of "Big Wuling" users by providing super qualified products and warm, reliable service. Wuling Motor has witnessed its users' struggle filled with persistence, gratitude and joy, helping more and more people to take to the roads of success.


Based on the guiding principle of "One System, Two Brands, Same Team", centering on the brands of Wuling and Baojun, and according to the upgrading and different demands of 10 million customers accumulated throughout its history, SAIC GM Wuling Automobile is now simultaneously developing commercial vehicle business, private car business, as well as passenger car business via its existing sales and service system which is of the largest scale (over 2600 sales locations, and over 2500 service locations) and coverage (98% in province ground level market, and over 75% in county level market)in China.

Baojun Vehicle—The Reliable Companion

The brand Baojun Motor was born on 18th July, and its first model "Baojun 630" officially launched on 9th August 2011, which has grown up as a representative product in the middle passenger car segment in automobile market.
With the dynamic appearance and higher cost performance, Baojun 360 is quickly accepted by customers and market. It won the 2011 CCTV China Annual Economic Passenger Car Award, and was voted as No. 1 in 50,000-80,000 RMB car model in the 2012 China Automobile Industry Customer Satisfaction Contest. Baojun Lechi is a high performance mini car which was put into production in 2003 by SAIC GM Wuling Automobile and has won the highest score for several times in New Car Quality Survey by J.D.Power. In 2009 CCTV China Annual Car Selection, Lechi also was awarded as "Favorable Car Model by Young People"