SGMW Liuzhou Engine Plant Reach GMS-BIQ4 and Baojun Base Reach GMS-BIQ3
2014-09-24 SGMW

SGMW Liuzhou Engine Plant GMS-BIQ4 Award Ceremony was held on September 23. GM Executive Vice President James B Deluca, GM China Manufacturing Manager Paul Buetow, GMIO GMS Manager Kevin Fang, SGMW Excutive Vice President Gustavo Cespedes, SGMW Vice President & CFO Jane Coumes, SGMW Vice President Shi Guoyong, directors and staff representatives attended the ceremony and witness this significant moment together.

Certification was presented by James B Deluca. He expressed his congratulations on this achievement as well as thanks to all staffs of Engine Plant for their hard works.

SGMW Baojun Base GMS-BIQ3 Award Cermony was held on September 23. Baojun Base, a plant start of operation less than two years, reached GMS-BIQ3 following Hexi East & West Plant and Qingdao Plant. Certification was presented by James B Deluca. He was excited at the achievement of Baojun Base and hoped that it can make continuous progress to push forward the building of GMS-BIQ4.