2014 CACSI Unveiled with Wuling Hongguang Wins N0.1 Among MPV Segment Priced Below RMB 100,000
2014-09-30 SGMW

SGMW product portfolio have bagged many awards in 2014 Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index (CACSI) unveiled recently. Wuling Hongguang was No.1 among MPV segment priced below RMB 100,000, Baojun 630 was No.1 among midsize passenger cars priced between RMB 70,000 to RMB 80,000, and Wuling Rongguang and Wuling Sunshine were among No.1 and No.2 among mini vans respectively. SGMW Quality Senior Director Deng Xiangning attended the ceremony and accepted awards.

Many models have won first place in satisfaction index for consecutive years. The score of Wuling Rongguang, Wuling Sunshien and Baojun 630 increased 2 points, 1 point and 1 point respectively. The full implementation of Three Guarantees Policy for product portfolio will be achieved with its implementation for Wuling Sunshine and Wuling Rongguang on October 1, which requires us to carry out high quality requirement to fulfill our commitment to making progress in quality improvement and quality control with adherence to quality principles.