SGMW usher in a good start in new year again
2015-02-26 SGMW
According to the Gasgoo provided data, the top three sales companies in 2014 are SGMW, FAW- Volkwagen and Shanghai Volkwagen. When SGMW retained the sales champion title, SGMW also become the first company whose sales exceeded 1.8 million in domestic and the only one company annual sales exceeds 1.8 million.
SGMW established in 2002, and proved itself with 12 years. Within the past 12 years, the vehicle sales increased by 12.3 times; the product type changed into passenger car and commercial vehicles co-development from single mini van, and passenger car proportion gets bigger and bigger. The overseas business also gradated from OEM to product delivery, technology output and management output, now SGMW even builds factory in Indonesia to influence surrounding South-east markets.


Soon after the year began, SGMW released the new mini van—Wuling Hongguang V. Wuling Hongguang Van is developed on the platform of Wuling Hongguang, which overturned the traditional engine structural style of mini vehicles, and the engine structure changed into FR. So Wuling Hongguang V provide more safety protection for users when it absorbed and optimized its traditional characters of mini van.
The data shows, New mini van Wuling Hongguang V really appeared unstoppable. Its sales has reached 17,000 units only within 20 days after the listing. Wuling Hongguang V obviously become the new growth point for SGMW commercial vehicle segment.
Actually, not only Wuling Hongguang V made a good achievement, SGMW entirely seeing a good start in January, the monthly sales of company set a new record which reached 180,400 units. The family car of company including Wuling Hongguang, Wuling Hongguang S, Baojun 730, Baojun 630 and Baojun 610, total sold for 104,000 units, which creates new high and account for 56% in total company sales.