Wuling Zhengcheng——a must-have weapon for logistics industry
2015-03-18 SGMW

With the rapid development of logistics industry, many automakers ride the tide to launch relative products to meet customer demand. Last year, SGMW released practical commercial vehicle—Wuling Zhengcheng, which is beautiful and fashionable, possess large loading capacity and suitable for all logistics needs.


The maximum trunk capacity of Wuling Zhengcheng can reach 6000L and can load for more than 60 large-size suitcases, which help deliveryman take the goods once time. In addition, the ground clearance of tail door just is 585mm and opening height of tail door exceeds 1.9 meter, which decreases the collisions between goods and vehicle body, and convenient for loading and unloading.
Except good loading capacity, fuel-efficient is necessary condition for logistics. Wuling Zhengcheng equipped with two energy-efficient engine which are individual 1.5L and 1.8L gasoline engine, the combined fuel consumption of 1.5L engine is 8.4L/100km, and combined fuel consumption of 1.8L engine is 8.8L/100km. Nevertheless, the fuel consumption of Jinbei Hiace reached 9.4L/100km, which is the same level model of Wuling Zhengcheng. So Wuling Zhengcheng can save 1.0L fuel per a hundred kilometers. Moreover, Wuling motors are famous for sturdy and durable all the time, it not only save the maintenance time, but also save the money. And, due to the reliable chassis and high trafficability, Wuling Zhengcheng is perfect for driving in complex road in different area, which conform to the daily use demand of logistics and can be called “be born to logistics”.


Except good loading capacity and fuel-saving, Wuling Zhengcheng also looks respectable. The body length of Wuling Zhengcheng is 5090mm, the body width is 1780mm and wheelbase is 3205mm, all these make the vehicle visual effect of Wuling Zhengcheng is very impressive. U-shaped front head make the vehicle be full of power and looks fashionable. The side line is rich, relax and powerful, which make vehicle full of muscle sense and kinesthesia. Viewing from the vehicle back, the capacious and hale vehicle rear shape match up with oversized tail-gate, seckill competitors in aesthetics and practicability.
With the rising of logistics industry and aggravation of urban pollution, there will be more requirements for logistics cars. Wuling Zhengcheng is not only durable and owes great loading capacity, but also owes fashionable appearance and fuel economy. More and more deliverymen drive Wuling Zhengcheng through the streets and give great praise after it launched into the market.